Humax DTR-T1010 and Britbox

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Having read that the Britbox app was being rolled out to YouView DVRs progressively, I waited patiently for it to reach mine. It never has.
I know the box is quite old (approx. 6 years), but it works reliably (give or take the occasional need to re-boot!) so I don't want to replace it. It's Humax retail, by the way, nothing to do with BT.
Does anyone know whether the software will eventually be updated to include Britbox, or whether they have abandoned the T1010?

I have tried Humax, who point me at YouView, and YouView, who point me anywhere but at themselves.
I'd be grateful for any information.


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    Greetings @DavidLL and welcome to the Community!

    Stuff to read here about Britbox on YouView:-

    The T1000 boxes have not aged well for reliability, and also don’t have the hardware power to run the latest apps; you will find they don’t run Amazon Video either, nor NowTV, nor pair with phones and tablets so you can use the remote app, for instance. 

    And even the apps that they do run make allowances for the older hardware - jumps instead of smooth scrolls, and so on.

    Your T1010 is still a T1000 under the skin; though it wears the same pretty frock as the T2000, the internal hardware is not the same.

    And YouView have not abandoned these boxes as, hardware permitting, they still run what they always ran; but they don’t run the new stuff, like Britbox.

    Better service in fact than Samsung, say, where my 2012 set (same age as the T10x0s, pretty much) won’t even run its BBC iPlayer app any more.

    But don’t sweat it; £30 will get you a Roku Stick, which will bring all these apps, and many more, to an HDMI slot on your TV. And one of these has made my Samsung smarter than it was to begin with.

    But you might also want to look at sourcing a new (to you, and indeed sometimes never unboxed) YouView box via the grey market on Fleabay or Amazeballs, either a T2000, T21x0 or a T4000, according to taste, which are still getting all the new stuff that is being added to YouView.
    These tests for COVID-19 might get right up my nose, if only I could get one
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    The first generation Youview boxes, which includes the T1010, have been all but abandoned :'( .
    As far as I know Britbox will not be made available to those boxes.
    The announcement of the Britbox player launch on Youview is here:
    It states that BritBox will be made available to selected devices on YouView.

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  • DavidLLDavidLL Member Posts: 2
    Many thanks to both of you.
    Jonesh, thanks for your succinct summary of the situation.
    Roy, thanks for your amazingly comprehensive answer.
    I have noticed that the T1010 seems underpowered for app access compared to the LG TV it's attached to, but I hadn't realised quite how out-of-date it clearly is. (Incidentally, I can't understand why most TV manufacturers, such as LG, haven't added Britbox, but obviously that's not relevant in this forum.)
    I'm intrigued to learn about the 'pretty frock' aspect.
    I'll look into the solutions you suggest, and in particular the joys of a Roku stick the joys of a Roku stick.

    Many thanks again.
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    Yours isn't the last of the T10x0s.
    We've got a T1000 from 2013 that we use for time-shifting TV programmes that we intend to watch more or less straight away.
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