YVM302 error but picture is good

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After recent transmitter changes, on certain HD channels I constantly receive a YVM302 signal strength error even though the picture is excellent. The signal strength is high but the signal quality is 0. I tried retuning with the aerial disconnected then again with the aerial attached and this seemed to resolve the problem but 24 hours later the problem has returned. Can anyone suggest a solution?


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    It sounds like this:-


    Read that thread from there on down, as the issue is teased out.

    It seems that with the latest frequency changes, poorly shielded HDMI cables running 1080p can induce interference into poorly shielded coax (aerial) cables, and disrupt the signal from muxes (bundles of channels) in the affected frequency bands.

    The mux with the HD channels seems to be the one that particularly gets hit.

    The diagnostic test, as suggested by @John L, is to drop your YouView box to 1080i (Settings/Picture & Sound/HDMI Display) and see if this helps.

    If it does, then to get back to good operation on 1080p, switch back to 1080p and take the following steps in order, until the issue goes away;

    separate the HDMI and coax cables as much as possible, and certainly don’t run them in a bundle;
    change the HDMI cable for a higher quality one with better shielding;
    change the aerial cable for a higher quality one with better shielding

    i.e. if separation works, no need to change any cables, and so on.
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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