How do you watch satellite, or record, on a 2020 Sony Android TV with YouView?

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 is ominous, where it says

 Please note: It is not possible to disable YouView on newer Sony models

 Previously, you could switch away from YouView, and you had to, if you wanted to watch satellite TV, or to record.

So how, if at all, do you do those things now?

We know you can still tune satellite channels.

So either you can tune, but not watch, satellite TV - which would be a bit absurd - or there is a way of watching it without disabling YouView.

@Sarah, how does the owner of one of these sets do this?

And can they still record; and are any special steps needed for this?

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  • It looks like more of an 'appy' co-existence. You can have your choice of Sony or YouView TV app without disabling the other. Just launch the app you want to watch TV with as you might launch Chrome or Firefox to access your favourite website.

    Satellite and recording is in the Sony TV app, just launch that one.

    It mostly sorts itself out in the setup process - tune via aerial, get YouView as the default TV app. Tune via sat, get Sony as the default TV app. Fiddle with the settings and put whatever you want on the "TV" remote button.

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