Why is youview completely inaccessible to screenreader etc?

We recently invested in a Sony bravia OLED tv with high hopes of improvements from our previous Samsung set. My wife is partially sighted so AD and talking controls and guide are a big deal to us.

To our surprise youview is COMPLETELY inaccessible for her! To add insult to injury the entries speak "unlabelled" everywhere on the guide!

Do you realise there is equality legislation in place that means this is actually illegal discrimination against the unsightled?

What do youview have to say to this?

Seems pretty indefensible to me.

So, against sony support advice, we have disabled youview... luckily for us we are able to access the freeview guide, which us spoken by the screen reader, restoring access for my wife.. 

I hope this post might help any others who discover this major deficiency in the youview software.  Get a grip guys, its insulting to find this situation in software these days.

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