Problems with players since recent update

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We've been away for a couple of months and upon returning home I discovered that the players for ITV, CH5, and UK TV, will only let me watch the ads prior to the selected programme and then a message come up saying there's a problem, although the BBC iPlayer works as usual.

Running through the checks for updates etc. on my BT youview box model DTRT2100 I can see everything seems to be in order the manufacturers software version is 32.47.0 and the component version is 3.6.236, however when I try and update the apps I get a screen message saying they can’t update the apps and to visit for help. I’ve visited Talktalk’s website and there’s little help there, has anyone any ideas to what’s going on??    :(


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    That message means the apps are up to date and there is nothing to update.
    Why YouView don't update this message to be meaningfully correct is a mystery and has been raised more than once!

    As to your issue, try a soft reset by holding the button on the front down until it restarts, around 8 seconds.

    If that does not work try a maintenance reset. You will need to reset your personal settings (antenna out and sound settings) and possibly set up your recordings again, although sometimes they restore themselves after a while.

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    To amplify what @Stevef_fr8ys said abour Maintenance Mode, it’s your recording schedule you may have to set up again. 

    But as long as you stick to Options 1, 2 and 4, your recordings will be preserved.

    Option 1 isn’t very far-reaching, but an Option 2 usually sorts out most of the things that can send a YouView box off-piste.
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  • Problem now resolved many thanks for your help gents. :)
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    Out of interest, what cured it?
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