LG TV kills signal quality

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Had a new LG TV delivered today, workmen installed it but couldn't get a signal from the YouView box, I checked it on an old Samsung and TV Siganl Quality says Strength 78% and Quality 100% yet when I plug the HDMI into the LG it says 0% and 0%...
Any ideas on how to sort this?
The aerial into the YouView has an amplifier on it which I believe is already set at 100%.


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    Odd but not unknown. So the box shows 78% and 100% on the old Samsung, but 0% and 0% on the new LG?

    Firstly, ensure that the HDMI cable to the LG goes nowhere near the aerial cable to the YouView box, as this can cause that sort of issue, and then measure the Signal levels again.

    if they are still bad, what we need to know is what these numbers are when the HDMI cable isn’t connected, though as the cable is needed to show the display of these, this presents practical difficulties....

    But you can try setting a recording for something on the YouView box, switching the LG TV off before it starts, switching it on a few minutes in, taking a note of how many, and then, a few measured minutes later, putting the HDMI cable in place.

    Then play the recording back, see if it dies when the LG is switched on, or when the HDMI cable  is connected.

    And report back which.

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  • Mike78Mike78 Member Posts: 2
    Thank you Roy, I will endeavour to test tomorrow afternoon once I'm home from work... 
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