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Problems with playing recordings.

TalmanTalman Member Posts: 10

Hi on 5 occasions now I have had a problem with my recordings. The first recording I had an issue with was FBI Most Wanted last week (and again this Thursday) it showed as recorded, but when I tried to play it I got the message "this recording is not available to play at this time check the connection to your router". I was able to play other recordings okay. Then last Friday I recorded Brave New World and got the same message when I tried to play it. And then I recorded Prodigal Son and when I tried to play it tonight there was a different issue in that it showed the recording was playing, but the screen went black and nothing happened. I thought at first it may be a problem relating to Sky channels as all 3 programmes are on Sky, however the black screen problem occurred again on a BBC programme last Sunday night, bizarrely it recorded one episode of Love Life perfectly, but the 2nd episode that was on immediately after did not play!


On all 5 occasions when I tried to delete the programme I got the message "it is not possible to delete a programme that is currently" playing!" However if I start playing another recording I can go back and delete the faulty recordings!


I am not sure if there has been or there is a problem with my box, or indeed if it is a fault with the TT service  it would be interesting to know if others have had or are having the same issue. 


Many thanks. 

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