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I have a 2 year old Sony Bravia TV and I can't pair the Plusnet/Youview remote control. Can only change chanels. No volume control or "On" button doesn't work.


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    If you can change channels, then it’s paired.

    Trouble is, it’s paired wrongly.

    What’s happening when you input 4985 and hold down the button, is that the remote is trying a sequence of codes, one after the other, and when you let go of the button, because the TV has turned off, that’s the one it fixes on.

    As the On doesn’t work, I’d say you aren’t letting go of the button fast enough, so it has already moved on the the next code.

    Try again, and when the TV turns off, let go sharpish.

    The other option that can happen with these things is that you hit a code that will turn the TV off and changed channels, but won’t turn it on, and won’t control the volume.

    In which case, keep hold of the button when the TV turns off, and let it go to a later code. Though the trouble here is you are flying blind; how much longer, exactly, should you wait?

    If the letting go sharpish doesn’t work, then contact PlusNet as described at the bottom of the page:-

    who may be able to give you some individual codes to try by the old, slow manual method whereby you have to try them yourself, one by one.

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