Bitrates for Youview apps vs “Native”

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Hi folks.

Have a Sony AG9 and really frustrated with video quality through YouView apps. Using non YouView (NowTV, YouTube on TV or, iPlayer via my Apple TV) the quality of the image is excellent, no colour banding, no distorted/pixelated elements of the picture and no excessive noise in dark scenes.

However, running iPlayer/Prime from the TV looks awful. In iPlayer, going into the settings I see the “device” is YouView. Is there any way of killing this and using the native android TV app which offers far superior bitrates/image quality?

No issue if not, I’ll just stick to the Apple TV but just puzzled at why these apps are crippled on such an outstanding TV.

My connectivity is solid, everything’s up to date and my TV image is calibrated with CalMAN across all profiles so it’s definitely specific to these apps delivered via YouView.


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    Have you set the iPlayer to Best Quality?

    Have you checked that the Amazon Prime app is being provided via YouView, since I don’t think this is the case?

    Are you running NowTV with or without Boost?

    Can you try swapping to the Freeview, rather than YouView, side of the set and trying the iPlayer again? Since my understanding is that the iPlayer app is the native Android TV app, and only the itv hub and All4 apps are mediated through YouView.

    Perhaps this will make the device shown in the settings of the iPlayer change from YouView? Or perhaps the same app will work differently, possibly better, on the Freeview side?

    Or possibly, even, you are looking at limitations in these apps imposed by the TV itself, which the Apple TV does not have? It would be worth looking at the other on-demand apps on the TV (My5, and the YouView-provided itv hub and All4) versus the ones on your Apple TV, say.

    This flagship AG9 will certainly show up like no other the limitations of any source material fed to it; but I would be puzzled if Sony and/or YouView had not ensured that the Players were as good as they could be on this model.

    And certainly, while YouView comes in for some well-deserved stick on the Sony Community, as regards responsiveness and the feature set compared with the boxes, I have never seen image quality issues brought up, except on TVs that have not been properly set up. Which, you having CalMAN, should not be the case for your TV.
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  • Apps like ITV hub, All4 and My5 typically only provide SD quality streams whatever app you're using to view them, so don't expect much there.
    iPlayer should offer some things in better quality (they've just advertised His Dark Materials in 4k). Note that there isn't a native iPlayer, it's all just a wrapper for a web app. The fact it's listed the device as YouView just means it's expecting the right keycodes from the remote etc, it shouldn't affect the video quality on offer - in fact they won't show you the 4k content if they don't think the device can play it. Disabling YouView won't do anything.
    Prime here is nothing to do with YouView, you want to talk to Amazon or Sony. 

    Practically, it sounds like you know what you're doing in the expansive picture quality settings area but it's worth checking you've got your preferred processing applied to the internal sources as well as HDMI.
    The only other explanation would be some particularly good pre-processing/upscaling suiting your preferences on the Apple TV, in which case continue using that.
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