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Hi folks
Sony smart TV with freeview channels like Chl 20 Drama. In youview menu can scroll on prior aired programme, but when select a Drama or Dave to play on demand get this the above error and service not available. Yet can play on demand other sourced programmes such as BBC which opens up the iplayer but not any UKTV past aired programmes. 
Also don't seem to have a UKTV player in the player listing or UKTV app.
How can I get UKTV on demand working  Alrwady tried retuning.  Note using wifi rather than a internet cable to link to router. Plus Aereol cable into TV ok as it allows aired programmes to be seen on all tunnel channels like chl 20 Drama. 
Any ideas to on demand fully working.
Plus my another issue is have never recorded a programme.



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    I guess you have looked in the linked Google Android TV store? If the UKTV Player does not show up there, or indicates that it is not compatible with pre-2020 Android TVs, then you can’t watch these channels on catchup that way.

    Please note that UKTV Play is not available on YouView on Sony TVs.
    but also says:-
    The UKTV Play app is available on all Sony Bravia YouView 2020 devices.

    It really ought to make up its mind.

    You can’t record on the YouView side of these Sony Android TVs, and it’s very limited on the Freeview side, though it can be done there, with the limitations that you need a compatible HDD hanging off one of the USB ports, preferably self-powered from a mains adaptor, as the Sonys really can’t provide much power here, and that as you only have one tuner, you can’t watch any other broadcast channel while it is recording.

    For a full armoury of Players and other missing apps from your Sony TV, get a Roku Stick for under £50, and use that.

    To record, get a proper YouView box, ideally a T4000, though a T2xxx will do. All over eBay, at all sorts of prices and conditions.
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