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Quite often we will be watching something that we have previously recorded. Part way through watching, our two scheduled recordings will start to record.  All is fine.  But then when the recorded programme has ended and we hit Back we get a message saying that to watch 'whatever' we need to cancel on of the two recordings.  Now I understand why this happens - just two tuners and if it happens that the channel we happened to be tuned to at the time we started watching our recorded programme is not on either of the two multiplexes that are being recorded in the background, I can see why this message will occur.

So how can we get out of this when it happens, without having to cancel one of the programmes being recorded?  We don't want to watch live TV, simply get back to our list of recorded programmes and watch one of those.

All that happens is that it cycles round and round the three options on the screen...

Programme 1 being recorded
Programme 2 being recorded



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    This is a known issue, and it is being addressed.

    In the meantime, if you understandably don’t want to cancel one of the recordings, you have to leave the box to get on with it, and watch something on another device, such as your TV, connected to the box with a looped through aerial connection so you can watch live TV when that is what you want to do. Or maybe a Player on it, where you can watch whatever you planned to watch a recording of, on catch-up?

    And only go back to watching a recording on the YouView box when one of the two programmes it is currently recording has finished.
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    Well great, another new release and another bit of existing functionality broken :(

    This bug is also present (and is new) in  72.48.91 / 3.6.248, which my DN372T upgraded to yesterday and I got hit with this bug last night, and it's very frustrating.

    As @Roy says, it makes the box unusable until one of the recordings has finished, and I have a lot of such "double" scheduled recordings.

    Prior to 72.48.91 / 3.6.248, in these circumstances when you pressed Back at the end of the recording you'd simply get a message saying the channel being watched had changed, and it would do so, switching to one of the ones being recorded.

    That was understandable, although less so was that it would also leap out of the Recordings list to just showing that channel, which was pretty annoying as my habit (and I'm sure that of many other folks) at the end of most recordings is to hit Back then Delete, and with it leaping out of the Recordings list between the two that'd end up just turning on subtitles, so I'd have to turn those off and go back into My TV and reselect the recording and delete it.

    That, as I say, was an annoyance, but the bug that 72.48.91 / 3.6.248 has introduced is much more serious.

    I suppose the workaround is to try to remember, before you start to watch a recording, to check if any scheduled recordings are likely to start and overlap while you're watching, and if so to leave the box tuned to the mux of one of them. :/

    But, honestly, what a pain.  Don't YouView do any regression testing?!?  This is far from the first time that an update has introduced bugs in previously working functions. Very, very disappointing.....

    @Roy, you say this is a known issue and is being addressed, but I've looked through these forums and not found it reported elsewhere and I don't see it being acknowledged by the resident YouView staff here; did I miss another post where it is?

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