Save programmes from hard drive via HDMI? REALLY???

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From Web User.
Doubt it but anyone going to try?


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    Stevef_fr8ys Its a hack and the people that have done the above (via various different devices) have also stated its a pain in the a*se. Me? I just buy the second hand blu rays. Far easier and also cheap as chips.   :D
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    Just one thought. If you use the Clone function of hard drive utility software, this usually does a mirror image of everything. Haven't tried it on pvr, but have done this on pc with Windows. I swapped original drive over with cloned drive and it worked ok. But would this work if original drive was faulty? Maybe it would if all the data could be saved to clone drive and new hard drive worked ok as replacement. John L
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    Those things capture video in real time and it is re-coded using video software and the PC graphics processor.
    They don't work with HDCP streams.
    Some of them have a second HDMI socket which could be connected to a TV.
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    Taking as our example the device illustrated in that article:-

    In general, Elgato Game Capture HD60 S can work with a game console with the following characteristics:

    1) Must have HDMI output
    2) When HDMI is used, the signal must be unencrypted (no HDCP protection)
    3) Must output standard TV resolutions, like 480p, 576p, 720p, 1080i or 

    2) will rule out capture from YouView boxes.
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    Thanks all for comments.

    I didn't think it possible due to HDCP, so was surprised to see this in print.

    I just wondered if anyone had tried it. Not that I'd be bothered.
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