Now tv buffering

deedee36deedee36 Member Posts: 77
is anyone else experiencing bad buffering today on now tv both live and when watching box sets I know my dtr2110 hasn’t got the new software as yet,could this be the problem @Sarah


  • DarrenDarren Member, Super User Posts: 639 ✭✭
    I been getting bad buffing the night while trying to watch season 7 of Chicago Fire on Sky on box sets via the now TV app on my BT T2100 box in living room.
    I do normally get the occasional buffing but nothing like this.
    I use TP link 300 pass though powerline adapters that are now a few years old on box in living room and with them I normally get just over 60mb speeds.
    Overall I normally get about 70mb speeds 98% of the time with BT.
  • deedee36deedee36 Member Posts: 77
    Mine was really bad last night also,don’t know why we are paying for something that doesn’t work properly and clearly no sign of a fix 
  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @deedee36
    Can you please let us know of some examples of content you've been watching (include the episode/series if it's worse on some) and I can feed this back to the team looking into it. 
  • deedee36deedee36 Member Posts: 77
    @Sarah I’ve put some examples in the other thread 
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