Factory Reset

I have pressed factory reset because I couldn't get the Humax box to pick up any channels and saw that the postcode set was for a different part of the country (Wales)
It went through the PLEASE WAIT sequence but now there is a small box saying "FULL" on the box screen and nothing further is happening.
What does the message mean please and how can I continue?   
The numbers on the back of the box are :
DTR - T1010/GB/1TB         91 - 00403
S/N 61 6006204 00112


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 16,467 ✭✭✭

    FULL means that the box is running in FULL HD; it doesn’t mean that it has a full HDD. You are not the first to have worried about this, though.

    In general, a box sticking at PLEASE WAIT means it can’t get through to YouView, and on a box that still has a previously working internet connection, it’s game over. Especially on the very early boxes, of which yours is one.

    Though if it’s not connected through to your router at the moment, make that connection and see if that unsticks it.

    Other than that, try a Maintenance Mode reset:-


    Use the particular instructions for the T1010, and Option 5.

    This is the same as the Factory Reset you tried, except that you can do it even when the box isn’t responding to the remote, so you may very well end up in the same place; but it is worth a go, rather than writing the box off just yet.

    Do please report back how you get on, and we can lay out your choices if the box is not recoverable.
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