Can you "Update On Demand Players" in Settings without box updating firmware?

Q11Q11 Member Posts: 2
Can you click "Update On Demand Players" in Settings without the box automatically updating its firmware at the same time? 

We hate the post-2017 user interface, and have successfully limited ethernet access to keep the lovely old listy one on most of our boxes. 

It would be handy to occasionally use it for Netflix etc, so would we be able to get the apps on our DTR-T 2100 without spoiling things? 



  • StephenStephen Member Posts: 718 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The "update on demand players" option only updates players that are already on your box (i.e. have been launched once or more) - it won't install any extras that aren't already there or perform any other operations.

    Since the software versions you're running, the middleware/firmware has behind-the-scenes added support for more streaming formats, encoding schemes and content protection abilities, as well as interface-presentation technologies. Players that require those updates simply won't appear in the listings unless the box identifies itself as having those updates to the media pipeline, so with the middleware you have you can neither see nor run Netflix, Prime Video, NOW TV and the like. And of course updating the firmware comes with the new interface, so there's no way of having the old UI in combination with access to modern apps, I'm afraid.
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