Signal issues, lost channels, only records in stand-by mode!

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My box is possessed. 
I have been so many signal problems for the past 8 or 9 weeks. I lost all HD channels first, then after retuning and resetting many times, I’m now down to BBC standard def channels, and a few others on the guide that are unwatchable. No ITV, no Channel 4, no 5, etc. 
Weirdly though, I’ve noticed in the last few days, that if I record one of the unwatchable channels when the box is on standby, it records and I can watch the programme! 
If I try to record that channel whilst the box is on, it “failed to record”, and of course, I can’t watch those channels live. 
Any idea what’s going on? 


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Which model of YouView box is this happening on?

    But whichever one it is, let’s start you off with a Maintenance Mode Option 2.

    Look up the instructions for your specific box, as they vary a bit, and carry them out.

    This Option preserves all your recordings, and maybe your recording schedule, but will require a retune afterwards. Which your box needs anyway.

    But before you start, make notes of your recording schedule, in case you have to recreate it, and of any non-standard settings you have made, as you will need to re-establish those in Settings afterwards also.

    Then see if the box starts behaving properly or not, and let us know.

    Besides what model it is, we will need to know who your ISP is, and if the box is on subscription, or under warranty, and so on, in order to give you the best advice on how to proceed if it is still not behaving.
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    What is the signal like with the aerial plugged directly into the tv. If these channels are the same it would indicate an aerial issue and you will need to consult a local engineer to advise
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