Sony Bravia Firmware update to v6.4960

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The latest Sony update seems to have replaced a great Youview version with a rather compromised one which is a shame as the old one was better!   I have an AF9.

For example

1.  whilst watching a TV programme you could use (i) for information on the current programme. Now you have to go back to guide and then press (i).

2.  if you swicth the TV to analog and then back to digital it defaults to Freeview rather than Youview .... and it is bitty trying to get back.

3.  When changing channels (up and down) the current programme banner never seems to reflect the current programme but a programme some time earlier or even the programme on the previous channel even the the correct channel id is shown ie BBC 2 content showing as ITV 1.

4.  Historical programme guide doesn’t seem to always fill and no earlier ITV 1 ie prograames dissapear in the guide as soon as they are finished. 

... these are a few of the glitches I've found and there are a few.  Are you aware oft these changes and is there any plan to update it?

As it says 
  • Introduces YouView application for UK (only) 2018 & 2019 models (already available on applicable 2020 models)
.... but these 2018 and 2019 models had Youview I wonder whether Sony included an earlier Youview version?

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