Using an ASUS Router DSL-AC68U with a BT TV Box

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I’m trying to use my ASUS 

DSL-AC68U router with a BT TV Box. I’ve changed the WAN and IPTV settings according to the ASUS website and the HD channels now work ... but my laptop WiFi won’t connect to the internet. 

I suspect it is something to to with the RFC3442 & Microsoft DHCP setting but can anybody advise?



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    Greetings @edcox1122 and welcome to the Community!

    A few background questions:-

    Which model of YouView box?
    It is yours, or is it on a subscription?
    Who is your ISP?
    What laptop? On what OS?
    Why do you think that RFC3442 has a bearing?
    Are you trying to use other than standard DHCP?

    I might presume that this has been your router for a while past, that it has worked fine, but that you are having some difficulty getting it to work with your newly added YouView box.

    But this doesn’t seem to be the case. You say you have the HD channels working on the YouView box, but these come over the aerial, not over the internet. Did you realise that?

    So having those working is no indication that the YouView box is working over the internet, or indeed that your router is working at all.

    Which the inability of your laptop WiFi to connect would seem to bear out.

    If you have a working router on a working line to an active ISP, and some difficulty trying to connect a YouView box when everything else seems to be working, then we can try to help with that.

    But you aren’t stating a specific YouView problem, and there seems to be some doubt about what, if anything, you have working there.

    So I would suggest you get some support from your ISP, and/or from the Community for your router, in getting that going, and then some support from the Community for your laptop, or for the OS it is running, in getting that going.

    After which, perhaps, you will find that the YouView box connects anyway; but if not, do please come back and see how we can help in those circumstances.

    Hopefully without us having to tangle with the RFCs; we have done that once in the past, but it’s not something any regular YouView box user should have to be concerned with.
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  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 619 ✭✭
    These are the settings required for IPTV to work:-

    No other settings are required so nothing to do with RFC3442.
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