QVC Red Button Service

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I guessing the red button service for QVC is no longer available via Youview since QVC changed the way they now do there red button service.
Red button service used to be on the QVC Style channel but moved to the main QVC channel on channel 16.
I can still get the service on my 2014 Samsung full HD smart TV and the service is in HD.
I just wondered if Youvew no longer offered the red button service for QVC.
I only watch QVC now and again and do occasionally order from them.


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    I can get the QVC Red Button service on channel 16 on my Samsung TV, but not on 111; I don’t think Red Button was ever on HD, was it?

    The Red Button service on 16 says it is coming over broadband; so I guess this is in whatever quality QVC want to supply here.

    No response to the Red button on YouView channel 16, though; not even a ‘Not Available’. 
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