YV Box flicks tv on and off endlessly

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Hello everyone,

A bit of background on devices:

YV Box: BT 2200 (the small one with no recording capability)
TV: An old Samsung

TV has been working flawlessly throughout the years with a number of other devices, such as roku, humax, etc. I recently purchased a BT YV Box (T2200), primarily due to its convenience (one remote, stop/pause/start, most of the apps in one box, etc). The updates went through fine. The YV remote has paired with the tv fine. All channels were tuned fine. All apps are functioning fine.

The key issue recently is that, as soon as the YV box is turned on and the TV is turned on, the TV starts switching on and off every 2 seconds by itself without settling. The only way to stop this is to turn everything off at the mains and start again - sometimes it even takes a few times.

Switching the TV to other devices (Roku, sticks, etc), and starting from there, causes no issues, hence I suspect this is a YV box problem.

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Changed HDMI cable with a high quality one
2. Changed HDMI ports (swapped with Roku stick etc)
3. Turn CEC off - plus added an adapter to the HDMI cable to stop CEC
4. Changed batteries in the remote
5. Full reset of the YV box and full update back to its current status

Problem persists.... Not all the time but I'd say half the time I turn the TV/YV box on, the TV starts going on and off again...

Should I use the YV box as a door stopper from now on ?? Sadly, it works perfectly when it settles....

Thoughts welcome


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    When it starts doing this, take the remote out of the room so there is no prospect of the TV seeing it.

    Does the problem stop?
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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    Try connecting the box without hdmi using rf only - i think its the hdmi control chip on the youview or tv failing probably due to corroded pins i have seen this quite a few times in my workshop on plasma tellies and Playstations xboxes etc or usually the hdmi port itself usually due to folk forcing the hdmi cable in or bending it - cracks the tracks on the internal header on the I/O board and produces a nasty intermittent fault - only way to fix both issues it is to take the  i/o board out and reflow it!

    It sounds typical when the board heats up and expands the chip tracks due to heat everything connects its a bit like the old red and subsequently green screen of death on LG Plasmas once the tv had heated up the problem goes away but then reappears when the tv is cold and switched on the next day!

    As you have tried all hdmi ports try the rf connection if it fixes it then its probably related to the hdmi chip on the youview or more usually the old failed capacitors so you can either doorstop it or open it up and see if any capacitors have bulged or check out Mymatevince on youtube lol
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    Thank you both for the suggestions
    Roy, "hiding" the remote (either by putting my hand on the front or taking it away) unfortunately doesn't work. It keeps switching on and off with the remote being away
    Omendata, the 2200 box unfortunately doesn't have an antenna out / rf loop option
    Any other thoughts ?
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