You view box blue light only

Got a new youview Box and it's not coming on, blue light only on it.. Also think there was a slight powercut 


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    New to you, or brand new?

    And what make and model? 

    If this is the Humax BT YouView box I think it is, the blue light means it’s switched on.

    Is it correctly set up - TV aerial connection, HDMI to your TV, wired Ethernet?

    It should switch your TV to the required HDMI channel automatically, but if it doesn’t, you will have to choose that channel.

    So, having checked and done all this, what do you see on the TV screen?

    If still nothing, touch the On/Standby button on the box for just over 8 seconds, and let it soft reboot.

    If still nothing, it may be DOA, so you should contact whoever supplied it (especially if this was BT, on subscription) to see what should be done.
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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    This was a replacement youview box sent by talktalk, because the previous one was stuck at waking up (tried everything in here for that one for a few days). It's a Huawei DN3 72T. Its set up correctly and hdmi channel is selected. 
  • KatDoc33KatDoc33 Member Posts: 4
    On the TV its just got.. No video available but all cables are in.. Hdmi etc 
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    Post on the TalkTalk forum. They will send you another replacement as faulty.
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