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I've gone to switch TV on, the YV box appears to be up and running but my screen is blank.  I have a smart TV so have gone into Home Dashboard/Inputs, selected HDMI2 (which is the one YV is on) and I can use the TV remote and watch through the little tiny screen.  I'm presuming this means the HDMI cable works and TV doesn't need tuning.  

I have removed all cables and re-inserted, rebooted the YV box, the router, the TV and the wifi booster box.

Any ideas please.


  • TracewhyTracewhy Member Posts: 2
    don't worry peeps, after 2 hours of messing, I post and then fix it lol.  I had to re-set up the remote control (its a ,magic remote).  Very bizarre but working again so all good :-)
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    Magic or tragic remote
    Ignore this if you disagree. 
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    I doubt its the actual remote that lost connection but the set up of the box on you LG TV. 
    I had a similar issue with my BluRay player and I had to go through the connection process again and realised i had missed a step when doing so initially.
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    @Tracewhy @Stevef_fr8ys

    If I had to guess, I would say that CEC (SIMPLINK on LGs) isn’t enabled on the TV, or it isn’t working with the YouView box (which has CEC you can’t turn off, but it is a bit patchy whether it works or not).

    So it wasn’t enough for the magic remote to turn on the YouView box - although it was doing that, as you could see through the peephole - it also needed to switch the TV to the HDMI2 input as part of the same command stream.

    Something your ‘two hours of messing’ achieved; but if you have to do it again, perhaps useful to know what the mechanism is. 

    And also worth checking if SIMPLINK is enabled on the TV, and enabling it if not, so that you may not always need this extra TV step for every device you program on the magic remote.
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