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I have a Samsung 2019 55inc TV some how I have lost the youview app on the start up menu how do I get it back 


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    It’s not exactly an app, if your problem is what I think it is, but never mind; the only difference that makes is how we recover this for you.

    From the Start Menu (which I presume is what you get when you press the little button on your remote with a house on it, i.e. what I call the Smart Hub?)
    arrow left to Source (the square box with a right-pointing arrow in it).

    Then you will see a few icons above it; TV, HDMI 1, 2, 3, 4 perhaps, all flagged as Unknown, and perhaps some entries to the right we can ignore for now.

    One of the HDMIs will be the YouView box; for me, it is HDMI 3, but for you it may likely vary. If you don’t know which one it is, turn on the YouView box from standby, and you will probably be able to see which one.

    Get the Source display back, if necessary, and arrow right to whichever HDMI input is the YouView box. You will see a little arrow above it; arrow up to it.

    You then get two options, Home and Edit. I have used Edit to choose Cable Box, the nearest thing Samsung allows me for a PVR, and then to change the name to YouView. (Don’t try to do this in the wrong order).

    This step though, is useful, but optional.

    The money shot, here, is when you press Home, which is what puts the YouView box (back) in the Home menu strip; it will bounce up and down there, until you press OK, when it will go into the list. 

    The last step is to put it on that strip exactly where you want it; the little down arrow below the icon indicates you should arrow down, whereupon you will see the Move option; choose this, and then shift the icon left or right to its exact desired placement.

    I now have three blue icons on the left of this menu - Live TV, YouView, Blu-ray Player - and have also optimised the apps also present to bring my most-used ones closest to the left.

    Having done all that though, choosing the YouView icon doesn’t turn the YouView box on, and nor can it; whereas conversely, taking the YouView box out of standby should turn on the TV (if it is off) and then switch it to the required input. So I have demoted the YouView icon, according to its limited use for switching between Live TV and the YouView box when it is already on.
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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