Continual error message on Freeview box

I keep on getting an error message YVM607 and have tried all recommended steps. What could be the problem?


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    edited 22 December 2020, 4:07PM

    I suspect you mean a YouView box, as you are reporting a YouView error message? 😛

    You have worked through everything on this page?
    If not, please do so now.

    After that, if it doesn’t fix it, and you are using a known-to-be-good High Speed HDMI cable running in free air well away from other cables directly from YouView box to TV, the only further thing that I can think of for you to try is a Maintenance Mode reset:-
    Read the instructions there carefully for what you need to do before and after the reset.

    Options 2 and 4 will preserve all your recordings; try one of those. Good luck!
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