Freeview channels over IP?

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As far as I can work out most YouView boxes have a requirement for a digital terrestrial TV aerial input in order to watch the Freeview channels.

A) However, it appears that the Plusnet and BT branded boxes are capable of watching Freeview channels over their internet connection without needing a TV aerial - is this correct?
B) With these boxes that support Freeview channels over internet without an aerial, is it only by using the specific apps like Iplayer, or are the Freeview channels available fully integrated into the normal EPG program guide as they would be on a Freeview TV with aerial?



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    Sorry a follow on question - on Youview's website they say you can buy the hardware direct but then link to Curry's etc with no products found, the only place that still seems to sell the boxes are Amazon, and most are 2nd hand boxes that were clearly sold as bundled broadband offerings from BT or Talktalk.

    Can you those boxes be plugged into a normal internet connection and used, or are the branded boxes tied to the original provider ie BT/Talktalk etc?
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    Nope, YouView isn't what you're looking for.
    The FreeView channels need an aerial, the other channels are subscription from BT/TalkTalk which come over their network. You can't get the FreeView channels through the network.
    Some of the apps that run on YouView boxes offer live channels inside (e.g. iPlayer) but for those you may as well get a cheap streaming stick.
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    I concur with @onceuponatime.

    There is little or no point in buying a YouView box if you are not going to use it to record Freeview channels over a terrestrial aerial.

    And almost no point at all if you would be trying to use it without a terrestrial aerial; certainly nothing worth shelling out any money for.

    But if you did want to use a second-hand box off eBay or Amazon with an aerial, then no, they are not tied to BT or TalkTalk, and will function as well as a Retail box. The only difference being that the updates are tied to the box model, no matter what ISP you use.

    With these boxes, the Players are tied into the EPG insofar as if you pick a past programme off the EPG and it has a little whirly symbol on it, you can just click on that programme to be taken into whichever Player plays it, and then shown that programme. But this still needs the terrestrial tuning to have been done initially.

    If, after the above, you think a YouView box will be more use to you than, say, an Amazon Firestick, come back for some tips on which boxes you should buy, and which avoid.
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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