Using YouView with Ethernet connection only

I currently use Youview by having it connected to the router via an Ethernet connection and to the BT telephone line.
I will be leaving BT shortly and will no longer have a telephone line into the house at all (I’m going over to VoIP)  when I leave.
Will YouView still work just being connected to the router or do I need a telephone line? If it does still work just using the internet do I have to reconfigure the box or not please?


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 16,374 ✭✭✭

    What will the router connect to, though, if you no longer have a telephone line into the house?

    Do you mean you will still have a landline into the house, for the router, but not use the telephone service over that line, or what?
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
  • GimblegirlGimblegirl Member Posts: 2
    My slow BT WiFi is being replaced by high speed fibre WiFi.
    The new  provider is installing a new router directly to the fibre WiFi so a telephone line is no longer required to receive WiFi.
    I will make and receive calls using a VoIP provider (Sipgate) so no longer need a telephone line.
    I think I may have resolved the issue now though as I have discovered Youview will still work without being connected to a telephone line, it only needs WiFi.
    Thanks for your interest though.
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    Hi again @Gimblegirl

    You haven’t quite got the right model in your head as to how these things work, hence perhaps some residual confusion.

    There is no ‘WiFi’ coming down the wire from BT. All the WiFi is supported by your router. 

    The wire (or fibre!) from BT is a channel for the broadband service, giving the speed you chose - or most of it, I get 350Mbps of the 500Mbps the fibre provides - and comes in to a white box on my wall, from which a wire leads to Ethernet In, on my BT Home Hub fibre-capable router, which provide both Ethernet and WiFi for me to use in the house. (BT gave, or lent, me a new router for fibre; this would run the old copper way if need be, via the broadband socket it still has, but the old router wouldn’t run fibre).

    The white box is wired back to where the telephone service comes in, by a fibre cable running round the outside of the house, and my telephone is still wired to a BT Master socket, and from there back to where the telephone service comes in, on the original copper cabling. (Which OpenReach have deactivated the broadband on, in favour of the new fibre, but could always put back if the buyers of our house don’t want to pay for fibre).

    As regards telephone, then as you can see above, I have had my telephone completely separated from my broadband, and running the original way.

    There is a telephone socket on the new router, but it has a sticker over it saying Digital Voice Customers Only. That is for VoIP, but probably BT only? I suspect Sipgate will use an Ethernet socket, or even the WiFi.

    One last clarification; your router takes the broadband connection, and makes it available either wired (Ethernet) or wirefree (WiFi) around your home. YouView needs wired (Ethernet), as it doesn’t support WiFi.
    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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