BRAVIA KD55AG9 and YouView 2020-03-26 EG10A989A

Roy on the community has been really helpful with some great suggestions but if anyone with a Sony Bravia could offer some more suggestions to help us resolve this I'd be really grateful. My TV yesterday updated YouView  16th Jan 2021  and since that point my iplayer controls (green button and red button) have been lost and worst of all I can no longer play Iplayer UltraHD content, all other UHD content from other services is fine. My other Sony TV running 3.2.18 is fine and still plays iplayer UHD without any issue.

I cant find any way of backing this update out, would a factory reset help help or is that still just going to load this version back in. 

I noticed on the YouView pages that 2020-03-26 is for Sony 2020 models, my TV was purchased in October 19 so I'm not sure if this update should have been applied or not?

Suggestions welcomed please.

Thank You


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    This would have been better as a continuation of your original thread - forking threads can confuse things 😢

    @Sarah from YouView will perhaps be on duty today, and can take this further. But in general, these TVs know if an update is suitable for them and won’t apply it if not. Even if someone tries to force it from a USB stick.

    And I note there have been subsequent YouView updates that you haven’t got, so maybe the one you got was applicable, and the subsequent ones really are for 2020 models only.

    But I think we would have heard more about this if there really was a rogue update out there, applying itself to TVs it shouldn’t.

    My next suggestion would be to do a factory reset on the TV, or have you tried that?

    If so, or if it doesn’t improve things, then let’s see what Sarah has to say.

    You could ask in the Sony Community:-
    but there is nothing like this reported there, and you’d probably just get me again. 
    Or, more usefully, be redirected to Sony Support:-
    Manufacturers, Sony. Tel  0207 365 2810, or web:-
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  • Roy, I have now completed a full factory reset of my TV, there is no improvement to the situation it remains exactly the same no ability to watch UHD4K content on iplayer. If I select an appropriate program it does not auto start (autostart is set in iplayer config) and when I press play it moves to a black screen.

    One key difference here is when I executed a factory reset it loaded YouView version 20-11-16 d18b31able. However as that had the same issue I checked again for updates to the player on play store and this has loaded back the 2020-03-26 version. iplayer problems are identical on both versions. 
  • Roy,

    Having investigated further I can give you the following details which perhaps you could share with Sarah, I have also raised a ticket with Sony as you suggested which they have acknowledged today as a first step. 

    A factory reset loads the 2020-03-26 version of the app. This has no green button or red button functionality, no iPlayer notifications (press green to play from the start, press red to watch in UHD), and no BBC red button services. No iPlayer 4kUHD content will play with this version. This is the version provided through the auto update on the 16th Jan.

    An update on Google play now downloads the 2020-11-16 version. This version does have green button functionality and iPlayer notifications working correctly, I can press the green button to play a live BBC program from the start. the red button also works but I still cannot play 4k content.

    I can replicate this consistently now as when I load 2020-11-16 I can, though uninstall updates on the app munu, regress to 2020-03-26. There is clearly a different interaction with my Bravia/YouView and iplayer on each of these versions, the only variable being the app version.

    ITV Hub, All4 and My5 seem to work correctly from each respective app or through the YouView guide although obviously have no 4K content.
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    Cheers for that. Having a ticket open with Sony is a good move here. And I’m sure @Sarah will see your post above; and if not the @ here on her name will ensure she gets notified of this post, and thus reads the one above.

    There do seem to be a number of issues with YouView on Sony at the moment, with this user contradicting how both Sony and YouView think the players should work, and apparently making his point:-

    and you might find some more relevant postings on the Sony Android Community, though none are quite like your issue.

    But unless someone gives me a 2020 Sony Android TV to play with, I can’t actually try any of this, as I only have access to a 2015 one, and even that access is complicated by the current lockdown 😢
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  • Roy,

    Interestingly I had exactly the same issue with the update at the weekend With no catch up on ITV1 on the ITVHub and no ITV1 history in the guide, only the current program and programs ahead, everything was ok on all other ITV channels. I sorted this quickly so didn't report this one in my previous emails. When clicking ITV1 on the top menu bar The ITVHub gave an error message asking me to enter my postcode which I did, then gave me the message my region was identified and the next step showing green, but then still didn't correct the issue. Where we are located, we do sometimes get conflicts, paticularly if the weather is bad, when we tune the tv with locations between East, Cambridge and London so I deleted all my channels and updated, made sure I had the right region (just need to check what local news I had on the guide) restarted the TV and ITV1 on the ITVhub and the guide has been fine since Saturday.

    This might help the question on the Sony Forum if you wanted to share.
  • Roy and all having issues with recent updates for 2020 Sony Bravia's

    My issue is resolved, after contacting Sony they have advised that a Jan 21st 2021 (yesterday) firmware update is available however this needed to be downloaded via my PC and uploaded to my TV via USB. It had not loaded via my automated update which was advising my software and firmware was current and no updates were available. 

    This updated installs software version PKG6.5016.xxxx

    This suggests to me that the firmware integrity checks between YouView/PlayStore/Sony could be better and would have prevented the installation of incompatible updates.

    Anyway all fixed this evening and before this weeks A Perfect Planet, I'm happy, thanks again for the help.

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    It’s quite common in the first days of distribution of a new release that not everybody gets it automatically, and if you have an urgent need for it, then USB is the way you have to go.

    There is a big raft of issues fixed in this release; including yours, thankfully, but I can’t help thinking that if there was anything wrong with the update checking process, then surely we would have seen a few more examples of it.

    Anyway, all fixed, as you say, so maybe turn off automatic updates, if you can, until something comes out that you need, and even then only update if it’s been problem-free, for other users, for a few weeks.

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