BT-DTRT2100 Deletes All Recordings

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My BT-DTRT2100 (S/W 32.51.0) Goes into Maintenance Mode for no reason (HDD 50%) The first time this happened I selected option 1 (recommended) & it deleted all recordings. Now, about 12 months latter, again  Maintenance Mode appeared for no reason. This time I made absolutely 100% sure that I selected option 2 Factory reset keep recordings. After the reset I checked & once again all recordings have been deleted. Why does this happen & how do I prevent it happening again PLEASE.


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Maintenance Mode didn’t appear ‘for no reason’; it appeared because the box knew it was in distress. Probably because it found all the recordings already gone, and in a broken way.

    This usually indicates disc corruption, so what you should have done a year ago - and should certainly do now - is a Maintenance Mode Option 5 (or a Factory Reset from the Settings menu, which is the same thing) which will set things up from complete scratch, reinitialising the disc and clearing any residual corruption there may be, in a thorough way that an Option 1 - which is little more than a soft reboot - or an Option 2 - which is gentle on your system so it can preserve your recordings (if they aren’t already gone) - can’t do.

    If you are sufficiently technically savvy, you could then take the disc out of the YouView box, put it in a disc caddy, and check its health with a Linux distro; and if the disc is bad, try replacing it.

    After that, it is a matter of crossing your fingers that this was a one-time thing, and that there isn’t any disc fault (if you didn’t do the check above) or box fault that will make it recur; but if it does, in the future, then you will need to check the disc, if you haven’t already, or toss the box, alas.
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    Thank you Roy for your reply. I will follow your procedures.The wife has recorded again, so need to watch that first. I really like the Youview box but if it keeps deleting everything then it's not suitable for purpose.
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    I have now checked the hard drive with Linux gnome-disk-utility. I had to format the drive first and then got these results. I think this means the disk is OK? Please see attached. I have refitted the drive,factory reset and it works.If it goes wrong again I will have to dump it.  
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