Can't connect DN 372 box to internet.

ClaytonerClaytoner Member Posts: 2
All was sweetness and light until a couple of days ago but can no longer connect to the internet. I had made no changes to the setup.
I have tried disconnecting and reconnecting everything including all cables, box, router, PLAs, micro-filters, etc. etc.
I have plugged in a laptop to the PLA and that works fine. I have restet the box and the router with no joy. When switching on the box it starts to wake up and gets to the point where it tries to auto connect to the internet. No joy!
Tried manual connect but no values in IP address, subnet mask etc. Problem is I can not access the box at all to view programs recorded.
Any ideas would be most welcome


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,717 ✭✭✭

    Manually connecting requires you to know the values that you have to fill in, and entering them yourself.

    But if you can get to manual connect, then the box is responding to you, and you ought to be able to return to the main menu, ignoring any warning messages you might get, and watch your recorded programmes, a process that by and large does not require internet access, except to show a picture on the thumbnail for the recording, something which won’t actually stop you watching the recording.

    So, I think your problems go deeper. 

    Try a Maintenance Mode Option 2:-
    in the first place, an option that preserves your recordings, and see if that fixes it. 

    But if not, you may need to try an Option 5, the most drastic reset, and one which needs to reset the internal,disc, thus losing all your recordings, alas.

    if that doesn't work, the box is probably beyond saving 😢
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  • ClaytonerClaytoner Member Posts: 2
    Hi Roy
    Thanks for that. Will try it and let you know. As a matter of interest how do you enter the values for IP address etc. using the remote. It seems that unless there are 3 digits in each cell it's not possible to move on.
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 620 ✭✭
    So on the remote you enter for example.

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