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I currently have a freeview play TV and a FireTV stick neither of which I'm overly happy with the on demand experience from or the integration of NowTV into the guide (none on either platform). So I'm wondering a couple of things, how does the picture quality on Sony OLEDs compare to that on LG, do the Sony TVs have AppleTV+ app and are the NowTV channels (if you subscribe to them) in the linear guide? Sorry I hope that's not too garbled and folks can make sense of what I'm asking.


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    All OLEDs are LG panels. This does not stop Sony squeezing more performance out of them with its underlying software and hardware than LG can manage, though.

    Re Apple TV+, LMGTFY:-

    The NowTV channels are only in the linear guide of those YouView box users whose ISP is BT, and the content of those channels is only accessible to BT TV users who subscribe to NowTV specifically via BT TV.

    And not even to those users who subscribe directly to NowTV, even if they also subscribe, but separately, to BT TV.
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