Interrupted playback of recorded TV

I have a BT Youview box which was new on 8/11/15. The Model no is DTRT2110.
Connection to the Internet is via TalkTalk, but without any paid subscription service.
There is 29% free space on the disk for recordings.
Recently I have been experiencing playback problems for programmes recorded from live Freeview TV.

The playback stops, jerks, resumes, goes to black screen, resumes, jerks, stops, then resumes normally in various combinations. There is no loss of content, in that through all the stopping, jerking, black screen etc. no content is missed or skipped.

I noted a specific recording, "Only Connect" where it was easy to remember the place in the playback at which the problem occurred.

I have used Maintenance mode to perform a Factory Reset (Keep Recordings) which executed successfully. I have then played back the "Only Connect" programme, from the start at normal speed, and the  playback problems occurred at the same place.

So I am no further forward. I am not keen to perform the Factory Reset and lose the recordings. Is that my only option, or is there anything less drastic I could try?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    It sounds as if for the affected recordings you currently have, these issues are embedded in them, and so the Maintenance Mode reset cannot be expected to have fixed them 😢

    But we might hope that it has fixed whatever the problem was, going forward, and so you won’t see a recurrence. Try some further recordings, and see if these are OK.
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  • There is a comprehensive schedule of recordings, which fortunately was not erased by the factory reset, so we will let these take their course, and as we watch them we will try to observe whether they were made before or after today's reset.
  • Here's an update. Just tried watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire which was recorded on Sunday from ITV+1 channel. Halfway through the box exhibited the previously described failures at "fastest finger first". I restarted the box and made my way to the ITVPlayer to watch the rest of the show. Then tried to watch Antiques Road Show recorded on Sunday from BBC1. About 20 minutes in (at the point where they were showing the Bluebird tragedy) playback became all glitchy. This is not good. I am getting ready to defenestrate the thing. Is there any other plan?
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    I think your only window of opportunity now (do you see what I did there?😛) is a Maintenance Mode Option 5 (same as Factory Reset in Settings) for a complete refresh of the hard disc.

    You will need to watch any existing recordings, as best you can, as this option will delete them all; but here, this is an unavoidable consequence of getting the box shipshape again.

    If the problems continue even after this, you may want to try a new hard drive, and hope that there is no deeper hardware issue involved.

    Or just get a ‘new’ box, cheap, off eBay or Amazon.
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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