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Hi I'm new here. I have just noticed all my players on my Sony OLED TV appart from BBC and Channel 5 have gone. I have tried every type of setting function, updates etc. any ideas how to fix? Thank you.


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    Greetings @Splash07 and welcome to the Community!

    This happens on pre-2020 Sony Android TVs with YouView if you move away from the YouView side to the Freeview side.

    Hoshsadiq is your friend here, if you know how to sideload.

    So what is the model number of your OLED, year of manufacture (or we can deduce that from the model number) and which version of Android are you on?

    Also, do you have a terrestrial aerial connected to your TV, and the channels tuned in?

    2020 sets hide YouView under the name ‘Live TV & Catch-up’, but you can switch between this and regular Freeview much more easily than before, and you should still get all the Players on the Freeview side now. They are even supposed to be available to customers without an aerial connected, though itv have got this wrong at the moment.

    I think the idea is that this revised UI will be made available on earlier year models, though how far back this will go, I do not know.

    I, and I am sure many people here and on the Sony Community, would like some clarification on this, from @Sarah say, but none has so far been forthcoming 😢
    Supporting YouView on Sony TVs is like nailing jelly to a herd of cats
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