Should I update 26.40.0 software on old T2110 ?

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I've just resurrected an old BT Youview DTR-T2110 with a new hard drive but I recall from 2017 that the new gen s/w (27.46?) was a definite retrograde step from 26.40.0, so I've played safe and reset the box via the maintenance menu without connecting to the LAN.

What is the current situation now? What features does the "new" s/w add and is the usability /reliability fixed now? I can't find anything on the YV support site, just items on incremental updates.
Or is there a new normal and everyone puts up with the sluggish response etc.?



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    Hi @MrB,
    The NextGen (newer interface) is actually not sluggish. Not sure where you found this information. It might have had loads of bug issues at the beginning of release in 2017, but has moved on. If you don't connect to internet, you won't be able to use catch up TV etc. If you connect to internet, it will update to latest release automatically, but you can't revert back to an older version. The new software was totally rebuilt and still being developed. The one big advantage is that it is now cloud based, which is a brilliant advance forward in pvr technology. Your schedules are stored on a server and most of the time if you reset box can automatically reload again. Not your recordings, they are stored on your own hard drive.

    What does the newer version add? Icon preview thumbnails of recordings, schedules instead of list view, plus several other features. You will loose the Epg mini tv screen, the fast fwd/rwd now has an annoying darkened banner when searching recordings (see my icon under my user name), plus you also loose part of the discovery functions, hopefully Youview are going to improve and add more functionality as time goes. Why not join the trialist team and find out more? It's good fun and you learn more as you test the updates. Just contact Youview for more details. Trust I have given you some food for thought? Have a good weekend. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    The only reason I upgraded the firmware on one of my units was because of continued recording failures bought about by someone , I believe , making a change to a server somewhere that hit on a weak point in Humax's underlying code which was only fixed in a NextGen release.
    There are those ,however, who do run the original version without recording failures.
    You can connect it to the internet without it getting updated, if you have a router that allows for the blocking of various websites.
    I personally much preferred the original version of the firmware but you do get used to the new version but to my mind there's way too much tinkering going on and there have been instances of one update generating another bug as I don't think that the testing done is thorough enough.
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    You might find that your box won't update itself to the latest software unless you do a factory reset or a Maintenance Mode 5.
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    Tx for the comments.

    The NextGen interface was definitely slower, with plenty of other shortcomings, as reported in
    I looked on Youtube for any recent T2110 reviews but all I found were '17 era i.e. oldGen apart from one reviewer from Aug last year who was obviously very disgruntled with his YB box!

    I'm well aware that hope can triumph over reality for those that upgraded as there is no way back! ;-)
    It's odd there is no feature list in release notes or changelog.

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