Now TV view all channels in EPG and Record to PVR

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One feature I like about my existing TalkTalk Youview package with Entertainment boost is that I see all programs in epg and can set recordings via epg.

Unfortunately TT are ditching boosts for Now TV

I have read elsewhere (cannot find link) that BT users that purchase the entertainment pack provided by Now TV will see all Now TV channels in the EPG and can directly record to PVR

But users who subscribe to Now TV through Talktalk or Plusnet can only see Now TV channels via the PVR app (like watching BBC iPlayer), and only have catch up but no recording to PVR.

Is this correct?

if yes, is BT the only provider that offers Now TV in EPG and can record?

Thanks in advance


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Re BT I believe so, but why don’t you ask TalkTalk, on their Community or via their helpline, just to be sure you can’t get this service from them?
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    Just to confirm @Roy s thoughts, you cannot record NowTV via TalkTalk.
    Not being a BT customer though, my impression is that you pay a heavy price for the ability to record though.
    Once you have set your NowTV account up you can search for discounted passes for use with the App, which I dont believe you are able to do via BT, as it is a monthly fee and part of your contract.
    You will need to do your research and weigh up what you want or need from a contract.
  • ColinK2ColinK2 Member Posts: 7
    I have been with TT for about 15 years but the renewals have got more expensive with fewer services in recent times.

    I would not have considered BT or recommended to family however uSwitch are offering £34.99 for BT Fibre 2, (65mb) with entertainment TV for 24 months.

    That is quite a bit better than the offers I see on my online account, though it might get better when they call me back (20th in queue), though in recent years I got little from retentions.

    However if I am correct about Now TV in epg and recording from epg, I value that at least £5 per month.
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    You can indeed record Now TV channels with BT. All in 1080p I think. The box they give you (DTRT4000) is very responsive and can do 4K if available.
  • ColinK2ColinK2 Member Posts: 7
    Confirmed with TalkTalk. Best deal they can do is £22 for 65mb + £14 for existing TT entertainment package (until it ceases)  or £5.99 for 1 year, rising to £8.99 or £9.99 (unclear) for Now TV
    average £29.49 pm

    So, over 2 years BT Fibre 2 + Now TV entertainment via U Switch (£34.99) is Max ~£5.50 extra per month over 2 years.

    I am normally a penny pincher, but I may well decide tomorrow to pay £5.50pm extra for privilege of all Now TV programs in EPG and recordable from EPG.
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