BT YouView box HDMI issue when in standby mode

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I have an issue with my BT Retail YouView box and the latest software:
BT DTR-T2110 with 32.51.0 / 3.7.42 software.

The BT YouView box is connected (via HDMI) to a Rotel RSP-1572 Surround Sound Processor with 6 HDMI inputs, which is connected (via HDMI) to a Pioneer Plasma display.

While watching content from another device in my system, the YouView box will automatically enter standby (as expected). Then, my Plasma display starts to blink off/on for approx. 1-3 seconds randomly, until I take the BT YouView out of standby when, the blinking stops.

I believe this is due to an HDMI signal being sent from the BT YouView box to the Rotel processor, while the BT YouView box is in standby mode.

I have performed a factory reset on the BT YouView box and changed the HDMI cable, but the problem still persists. I have also googled the issue and it seems there have been similar issues e.g. auto switching, with older software versions, but I am only experiencing this issue recently.

Please can anyone help or advise?


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    Hi @avant_guvnor

    Are you saying things were OK before this latest release, but aren’t now, or just that you are fully up to date, but an ongoing problem persists?

    As the Rotel has a fascia display, what, if anything, do you see occurring on the fascia during the blinking. Does it seem to be rapidly switching inputs?

    1572s seem to be famously weak on their HDMI handling:-
    so maybe you are blaming the wrong device....

    But a couple of things you can try:-

    Firstly, when you are about to let the Rotel put the YouView box into standby, put it into standby from the remote instead and then carry on and see if the issue continues. Which would indicate a difference between auto standby and manual standby from the remote.

    Secondly, try connecting the YouView box directly to the TV, and see if the issue occurs then. If possible, by moving the HDMI cable from Rotel to TV while the blinking is occurring, to see if it persists; though be aware that moving the cable could itself disturb the problem situation anyway.

    If you can then please report back your results, we can see if there is anything further to be considered.
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    I've had my current setup since December 2014 and I have only experienced the issue in the last 2 months. Other HDMI devices in my setup include an Oppo Blu-ray player and a Sky+ HD box.

    I cannot say exactly on the date or YouView software that the issue started, but I first noticed an issue in January when I was asked to test a TESmart HDMI switch, £50 from Amazon (so no Rotel processor involved), which would randomly switch to the HDMI input that the BT DTR-T2110 was connected, when the BT DTR-T2110 was in standby (deep sleep) due to the YouView Standby Mode set to Smart, Start Deep Sleep 1am, End Deep Sleep 9am. I (maybe incorrectly) assumed a problem with the HDMI switch, which was returned to Amazon.

    I re-connected my Rotel processor and I now experience the blink issue when the BT DTR-T2110 enters standby, manually or automatically. Take the BT DTR-2110 out of standby and the problem is resolved.

    Finally, I replaced the BT DTR-T2110 (32.51.0 / 3.7.42) with a BT DTR-T4000 YouView box with older 32.45.0 / 3.6.190 software and there are NO issues when this box enters standby.

    Obviously, I cannot be 100% sure and I maybe wrong, but it is for the reasons I have given, that I suspect an issue with the YouView 32.51.0 / 3.7.42 software.
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    Is it possible that you've moved your YV box nearer to the plasma than usual? I know it sounds odd but that has been a problem before.
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    al said:
    Is it possible that you've moved your YV box nearer to the plasma than usual? I know it sounds odd but that has been a problem before.

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