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A few weeks ago we received a message on the TV saying the "no TV signal".  We tried resetting everything, checking cables were properly connected etc but the same message.  Thinking it was a problem with the talk talk youview box we got hold of another one.  Same message.  Anyone got an idea as to what's going on?  Have Huawei boxes been turned "off"?


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    Anyone got an idea as to what's going on?  
    Good afternoon @WeymouthEddie, welcome to the Youview User forum,
    Yes. But what other steps have you done to try and resolve your reception problem? Have you tried unplugging aerial from Youview box, retuning channels to clear channels, then retuning again with aerial replugged in. That's the first step. Also test the aerial signal direct to the TV's own tuner. What are the signal readings? 

    No, Huawei have not been turned off. That's got nothing to do with signal problem. All tips and further information, discussed many times in the forum, can be found via search bar at top of this page. Please let forum know how you get on if you need more help. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    If both boxes are exhibiting the same issue then this points to a connection problem as it's highly unlikely they would both be faulty. Also to answer your question, no, Huawei boxes are not being turned off.

    As you are getting no signal, I assume you got no signal whatsoever, not even the wake up screen, rather than just no TV signal.

    Do you have another HDMI cable to test with?
    Do you have an alternative HDMI port on the TV you can try?
    Do you have another TV you can hook the box up to for testing?

    Silly question, but are you trying to watch channels using the TV tuner rather than the box tuner?

    If so , do you have Antenna out turned on in Settings? Its under the sou d and picture sub menu.

    What box models do you have and where did you source the 2nd one from.

    Hopefully you can get them working. Please let us know.
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    Might be a bit simplistic but have you tried pressing the av button?
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