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We have NOWTV Sky programmes through our BT Box but the films have no subtitle options. We cannot understand some American films, as they tend to mumble. We are quite elderly and desperately need to read what is said, otherwise it just spoils the plot and we tend to switch channels. I understand this might be a problem on the YouView side of this for NOWTV Apps.


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    Greetings @Hoppy, and welcome to the Community!

    YouView boxes are presently unable to show subtitles for programmes on NowTV.

    This is the case whether you have NowTV via BT TV, or directly via NowTV themselves.

    You can get subtitles, on those programmes for which NowTV provide them, by watching NowTV via their app on your Smart TV, if it has one, or via a NowTV stick, Roku stick/device, or Amazon Fire device.

    If you log on to any of these with the same Account/User and password details that you use to access NowTV on your YouView box, you don’t have to pay any extra to do that.

    You can have up to six devices on the go, and you can watch on any two of them (three if you have the £3/mo HD/5.1 Boost) at the same time, and watch different channels if you want to.
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