Failed to Record on Freeview Box, and No Playback on any recorded program

Hi, anyone had this major issue, and solved it without needing new Freeview box? if so, how please? If no success, what's the best way of getting new box out of Talk Talk? Thanks...


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    All you can do is try a maintenace reset or a factory reset.

    The TalkTalk forum is the best place to start for a replacement box if these resets do not work.

    Be aware though that TalkTalk are no longer providing replacement recordable boxes but the lite non recordable version..

    Some have had success by changing the hard drive, but if you have other issues this may not work and invalidate any chance of a replacement box if you are in contract with TalkTalk.
  • Thanks, that's a real drag that  - if it comes to it - they won't replace like for like. We are in contract with TT, but this should trigger us to leave. Hopefully the resets will work. If you are familiar with the issues I describe, do you think it's a 'reset matter'?
  • Stevef_fr8ysStevef_fr8ys Member, Super User Posts: 422 ✭✭
    It works for some people but not others.
    It's a try it and see situation.
  • Maintenance reset failed, is it possible to do factory reset Save Recordings, and will factory reset allow me to record ahead? Thanks... 
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    Thats what the maintenance reset is, but less invasive.

    A full reset from the settings menu is now your only option but you will lose recordings, but as they don't play anyway you have nothing to lose.
  • I am confused. What is there to gain by a full (factory) reset - if it allows me to record ahead, then fine, it's worth losing the current 90 hours, what otherwise....? 
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    It will reset your box, format the hard drive and repair bad sectors and hopefully allow you to record going forward.
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    I am confused. What is there to gain by a full (factory) reset - if it allows me to record ahead, then fine, it's worth losing the current 90 hours, what otherwise....? 

    Our working hypothesis is that if you can’t record and you can’t play back recordings, then the least worst explanation is that the software on the YouView box, including the directory structure of the hard disc, has got corrupted.

    There is usually no way to fix this 😢

    You could try, if you can, deleting the most recent recordings you have made, in reverse chronological order. If you are very lucky indeed, and the corruption is confined to one of the latest recordings, then the situation may be recoverable.

    But I don’t hold out much hope of this, though it may be worth a try.

    Failing that, you have already lost your 90 hours of recordings, and you have a box that won’t record. So not too useful in this area.

    If you do a full Factory Reset, then you may get back to having a box on which you can record again, as the corrupted hard disc will be completely reinitialised. And if this is the only thing that is wrong (and it usually is) you can carry on using the box as you did before.

    However, nobody will guarantee that this will work, as there may be underlying hardware issues.

    But you may as well try it; you have nothing to lose (except some recordings that are already lost, as in inaccessible by any means), and you may get a working box back, at least, out of the process.

    And if not, you are no worse off than you are now.
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    Just checking, it's slightly unclear from your messages @Charlie_KensalRise - have you tried the fourth option in the Maintenance Mode menu: "Internet / USB recovery, keep recordings"? Which is the most reset-ty of them all without losing your recordings.

    Also I should point out that a full factory reset from the main Settings interface (like the "delete recordings" Maintenance Mode options) does clear the disk, but doesn't scan it for bad sectors etc.; that is a very lengthy procedure as anyone who's done it on a PC with a spinning disk will attest!

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