BT software update 32.53.0 / 3.7.54



  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 620 ✭✭
    Totally undestand your frustration.
    If it's any consolation there is a PlusNet Youview remote with a MyView button instead of the BTPlayer button which will take you directly to your recordings from anywhere in the menu system. Since this change I got 2 of them & they work remarkably well. It MUST be one with MyView on it as many claim to be selling Plusnet remotes but without the required button.

  • VeryAnnoyedVeryAnnoyed Member Posts: 4
    Apparently no reaction to my post from "the management". I can only assume that they are unable to defend the indefensible!
  • StephenStephen Member Posts: 800 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Let me elaborate my concerns. When one presses the Y button there is now set of icons arranged in columns, the first of which states that one is watching Live TV, when this was already obvious.
    This is exactly as it used to be, the first tab that the Main Menu opened on had the text "Guide", took you to the Guide if you pressed OK, and showed a sequence of channel tiles.
    To the right of this icon there is succession of mosaics for different channels. What benefit does this add?
    Same as before, it shows you what's on on the main channels at a glance. There's no change.
    Since I use the box almost entirely for watching recorded programs this means extra key presses to get to my recordings. It was unnecessarily awkward even before the update and this has made it worse.
    Before it was right, right, OK. Now it is down, down, OK.
    Why couldn't there always have been a single button on the remote marked 'My Recordings' so that users such as me can quickly get to where was wish to without all of the Apps rubbish and Watch Lists etc. getting in the way?
    The PlusNet remote (as Tim C says) has such a button so you could grab one of those, or use a universal remote and program in that key, or plug in a usb keyboard (optionally not-bluetooth wireless also works) and press F4, or cross your fingers and wait an unspecified time for a software option.
    And below the My TV icon there are further icons that are of no interest to me.
    You're never interested in what films might be available to stream for free?
    If these have to be there by default there should be a way for users to reorder and remove the items in the list.
    From the launch page: "This is the start of releasing many more exciting features, as we aim to create a more personalised experience to help you browse and find TV shows and films that are relevant to you."
  • VeryAnnoyedVeryAnnoyed Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for replying, but you haven't addressed my concerns.
    If it's really necessary to fix something that isn't broken, do it only on boxes that are yet to be purchased rather than trashing those that have already been purchased, without warning, without any means by which owners can prevent it happening - short of disconnecting from the internet and never reconnecting - and with no means of reversion.
    And why would I have looked at the launch page you reference unless I knew beforehand that something bad was about to happen? Even if it's visible via the box, why would anyone look at it when their box was several years old?
    You ask "You're never interested in what films might be available to stream for free?". In answer, I wouldn't categorically say "never" but I would say "rarely". One reason is that free films are full of ads and I think this leads us to the reason why the update has happened. Youview, BT and all the rest of them want the owners of youview boxes to be more interested than we have been hitherto in watching these supposedly free films, and the update to the user interface, will act as a nudge. You yourself have characterised it as minimal, so why was it done? If the service is free then you are the product, and there is obviously a need to monetise owners of youview boxes who have already paid for them.
    I still intend shortly to dispose of my box. I suppose that there's no chance of a refund?

  • Douglas MoncrieffDouglas Moncrieff Member Posts: 20
    Sorry new layout is ugly , all those boxes across the screen , it's confusing. I can't see ANY benefit from it so would appreciate it if you could try and explain what I am missing and why you  believe it is an improvement? IE how did those expensive consultants persuade you to do this 
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