Connect Youview box to laptop

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Any suggestions as to how to view the output of a YouView box on a windows laptop?


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    Amazon is awash with ‘video capture’ devices that claim to accept HDMI and plug into a USB port on your laptop. Have a look at those which capture audio also, and where the reviews say they work.

    Prices start at about £13, and ones that are reported to actually work are not a great deal more. 

    Make sure it quietly defeats HDCP. Or a popular workaround is to use a cheap HDMI splitter which can feed two or more sources at once, many of which strip HDCP, almost by accident (or at least because validating HDCP on multiple outputs is too tricky for them).

    The link to the one in this article, which specifically mentions YouView:-
    no longer goes to the right place, but the article I found the link on:-
    likewise has a list. Though bear in mind that Windows has moved on since 2015.

    What inputs has your laptop got? IIRC, older laptops had analogue video and audio inputs you could have fed from the SCART out on the YouView box, but these don’t seem to be much in evidence these days.
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    Thanks very much for all that @Roy.
    I've realised that I can achieve what I want by going down the analogue route. 
    I'm trying to do something rather unusual. I have a box that I use primarily for recording radio music programmes. So I plan on using the phono outputs to feed an amplifier and decent speakers. I just need a screen to set up recordings and select them for playback. And it looks like this should work 
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