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Can you please tell me why the layout on my Humax  freeview box has suddenly changed to a display that is nothing short of UNuser friendly.   From pressing the blue freeview button where it displayed Apps, TV, etc., it has now changed so that it is so confusing as to be irritating.


If you go to TV and recordings, it now gives you not only the recorded programmes but also the things you have watched on iPlayer that you didn’t ask to record.   You are unable to delete these unless you go to the button at the left (which I eventually worked out) and that takes you to the previous view of recorded programmes.   This is not only very annoying and very confusing but something which was not requested.


I would be grateful if you could advise me how I can return it to its original view.


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    Hello from the other side, and welcome to the Community!

    The bad news is that you can’t go back; though if you get one of the very old T1000 boxes (which are quite limited in other ways, though), it isn’t going to get this new interface.

    YouView get these ‘bright ideas’ from time to time, and change the look of the box, which we have all been perfectly happy with, to something new and unwanted 😢

    And YouView lose another cohort of grandparents who can’t work the box any more; though they then claim unprecedented levels of user satisfaction from new users who hear about the revised UI, and flock to the box accordingly.

    I think there’s a sort of ‘monkey see, monkey do’ going on, where YouView look at Netflix and Amazon Prime and go ‘Ooh, we should look like that’, without quite appreciating that what these streaming services are presenting are uniform displays of things you might like to watch, while what YouView are presenting is a mix of stuff like that, and stuff you have already got.

    Which nominally is indeed a display of ‘things you might like to watch’, mostly, but it doesn’t quite work as well as for Netflix, since when YouView are shoehorning everything they have to show you into the display, you unavoidably get stuff that you don’t want to see there, or isn’t quite a sensible choice, as you describe.

    The best way to think of the new look, though, is that YouView have taken the horizontal menu you used to get, and made it vertical instead. And you can get to where you want with pretty much the same number of keypresses as before, but down instead of right, and when you open one of those transposed menu entries, things are exactly as they were before.

    As for all the extraneous stuff that YouView have tacked on to the right of each menu entry, you can enjoy these or completely ignore them, as you see fit. Though you will probably always be aware that you are having to wait for the menu screen to paint all the new thumbnails you don’t need, and that they are coming over the internet at whatever speed you get, as they aren’t cached on the box 😥

    The completely unforgivable UI error that YouView have made, though, is not to give these erstwhile horizontal menu entries due prominence. Instead of being brighter and bolder than the new thumbnails, they are duller and smaller; and at first, I suspect, nobody even realises that they are the old menu entries, and clickable, and just regard them as passive headings. Certainly, I fell into this trap first time out.

    But it surely wouldn’t be in the least bit hard for YouView to fix this by making these entries more prominent, and with visual cues (clues?) that they are just the old menu entries transposed, and clickable - e.g. the entry could ‘pop’ when the focus was anywhere on that line, much like the rather reviled pop of the EPG item that has the focus.

    And we might hope that they will do this, to mitigate what is arguably the worst UI failure in the new look.
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