Rowridge Outage?

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We lost our terrestrial TV signal from this transmitter at about 18:15 tonight, 12 May, and it’s still not back. We get the signal as received on a communal aerial for our estate, and then piped into our houses over fibre, so we weren’t sure if it was that or the transmitter itself that had gone down; and there were no reports of faults with the Rowridge transmitter.

But when we talked to the people who run the communal aerial service, they pointed us to:-
where there is the most enormous list of transmitters that may be affected this week by planned engineering works, including Rowridge, where ‘screens may go black’, which I assume means loss of signal.

But just to doublecheck, is there anyone reading this who gets Rowridge directly to their TV aerial, and can confirm or deny an overall outage?
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