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    Sound significantly out of sync with picture right now.
    And aren't the weather updates wonderful? 
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    GB News attracted zero viewers during some of its broadcasts this week, according to official television audience figures produced by rating agency Barb, after a viewer boycott prompted by one of its presenters taking the knee in solidarity with the England football team.

    As "Political and religious discussions are not allowed on this website" I shall make no comment  ;)  

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    I have been finding although I have been watching GB News. I'm not watching it as much as I thought I would and my main news channels are still BBC News. Followed by Sky News.
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    It is dust.....
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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    Visionman said:
    It is dust.....
    They might be faraging around for content, but it is still bumping along….
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