Original YouView app discontinued

Since the YouView app finished we were told to use the BTTV app. This worked OK for some time but now will not program my YouView recorder. I just now used the chat facility and was told I had to have a BT account to get help. Is this right?


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    You don't need a BT account to use the BT TV app. Just ignore the signin request at the top right.
    You will need to pair it to your Youview box but if you have an iPhone/iPad on iOS 14.5 or above then pairing won't work until a new version of the app is released , hopefully, this weekend. BT not to blame but Apple made a change that was unexpected which stopped network discovery working.

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    Specifically, you can use:-

    Under Live:
    Full TV Listings, as your EPG and to set recordings

    Under My TV:
    Recordings List
    Settings (just TV box, for pairing, and TV region)
    and Help (not that it is any unless you are with BT TV)

    Everything else needs a BT TV login.
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