Connecting BT box to mobile broadband

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Hi there,
I recently moved to a new address where no traditional broadband is supported. I am using mobile wi-fi instead, through a small dongle that doesn't have an ethernet connection (matter of fact, the dongle doesn't accept any connections other than the power line). I've been reading some old posts advising on using a nano wi-fi dongle (?), but links to referred products have expired.
Does anyone know how to get around this issue? Thank you for your help!


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    What you want is called a nano router, and here are several:-

    You use it in Client Mode, where it doesn’t use any of its router capabilities, but just acts as a WiFi link to your mobile dongle, connected by Ethernet to your YouView box’s Ethernet port, and powered by a USB connection to a USB port on the YouView box (if you want it completely self-contained, rather than using a separate power supply - your choice).

    In effect, it adds WiFi capability to the YouView box. I used this approach very successfully for years on my T1000 box in Spain, where I couldn’t run an Ethernet cable to the location the box was in. The other end of my WiFi link was a conventional router on a landline; but your setup will be no different, essentially, at the mobile dongle end.
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