No HD on my tv after house move

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i have a tv which is quite a few years old but it did have hd channels running through it. In my previous house i had a sky box running through an hdmi cable and picture was brill. But now I don’t have sky and have just used an aerial cable into the wall and when I did a free view search I don’t have any hd channels. Is this something to do with the aerial? I bought a new free view box and a new aerial but it didn’t improve. I also have my Xbox series S (very new console) running through an hdmi and since the move the screen has lost a lot of quality to. Wondering if anyone can help me out with this issue?thanks


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    Hi @parfoo

    This forum is for issues with YouView boxes, and enabled TV's (Sony).

    Do you have any YouView devices? If so what models are they?

    On a general level, you say the TV is quite a few years old. To receive HD channels via freeview, you need a FreeviewHD tuner? Your TV manual will tell you the type of tuner yiu have. If it just mentions Freeview without the FreeviewHD logo, then you wont be able to get the HD channels. Likewise with your Freeview box.

    As for you xbox, sorry can't offer any advice.
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    Greetings @parfoo and welcome to the YouView Community!

    Is this a Sony Android TV with YouView dating from 2015 or later?

    Otherwise, your best bet is to contact Freeview on 03456 50 50 50 

    They will probably need to know the make and model of your TV, and of the Freeview box you have bought (I presume this is Freeview, and not YouView?) and also about this new aerial - loft, roof, indoor?

    As for your Xbox, the settings for each HDMI input on a TV can vary, so if you used a different input this time, either go back to the one you used previously, or individually reconfigure the settings on the HDMI input you are now using - e.g. change Picture from Dullsville to Garish, or whatever settings your TV offers.
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