Sony TV Now TV App?

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Hi just purchased a kd55xh9505. And I can't seem to find the Now TV app. Can one install it manually? 


  • zafarzafar Member Posts: 3
    (And I mean specifically within Youview rather than the regular android Nowtv app) 
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    Hi @zafar and welcome to the Community!

    YouView don’t provide the, or any, Now app on these Sony TVs.

    The Now app on these TVs is the regular Android one.

    What leads you to want this app to be provided by YouView?

    The only thing I can think of is if you already have a YouView box, and a Now subscription via BT TV, and are used to the Now channels being provided by BT as part of the regular EPG, which allows you to record them and do one or two other things the regular Now app doesn’t provide.

    But you don’t get the BT channels anyway, any of them, on YouView on these Sony Android TVs.

    You can, however, if you have Now via a BT TV subscription, or indeed any existing subscription, input your existing Now account details into the Sony Android Now app, and watch Now that way without paying any extra. Always subject to the Now rules about number of devices (limit now scrapped) and concurrent watching on more than one device (limit now 1, unless you have the Now Boost for ad-free viewing, 1080HD, and 5.1 sound, when it is 3).
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  • zafarzafar Member Posts: 3
    Thanks. No I didn't necessarily want it via youview if it's not available - more a case of wanting confirmation that it ever existed as I could have sworn I saw a Now TV app within Youview the first day I set up and configured the TV.

    Guess I was mistaken. Thanks for clearing that up! 

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