Bizarre over-writing of program

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We'd recorded an episode of Death in Paradise a week or so episode that we thought we'd not seen before.  Just a one-off series record.  We started watching it late one night but decided to pause and get back to it at a later date.

We did. Last night.  No longer the episode that we'd recorded.   As I say...bizarre.  We're not that senile that we both imagine it !


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    Sounds like the sort of mystery only Neville Parker could solve…

    The second time, did the episode continue from the minute and second that you paused the first episode at?

    And you are sure there is only the one episode of DIP on your YouView box, or do you have others?

    And it wasn’t that one was a recording and the other was on catchup, as YouView love to smerge the two together?

    Other than that, the only other possibility I can think of is that the constant branching off into parallel universes sometimes glitches a little, and maybe this is one of those occurrences? 
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