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Hi everyone,

My mother moved in to my house and brought her YouView box with her.  Since the move, her YouView Box will access the internet to use the Apps/On Demand, but it will not play live TV.  I have a YouView box downstairs in my lounge which is working fine.  I tried my box in her room and it worked fine.  I have checked the internet connection to her box and all seems fine.  When I try to access Freeview (live TV) I get diverted to a BT subscription page.  Neither myself or my mother suscribe to BT as the packages on offer are not required, we just use the FreeView and On Demand services.

Her broadband connection is direct to a data outlet in her room direct from the router.  The TV ariel is working fine.  I am stumped.  Could it be that the YouView box is broken?

Any help you wonderful people could provide would be greatfully received.

Many thanks, Victoria


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    Hi Victoria,
    It just sounds like your mum's box needs retuning in the Home > Settings > TV Channels screen? If where she was living before had the aerial pointed at different transmitter(s) then it won't necessarily just keep on working after being moved and plugging it into your aerial instead.

    If the box is showing BT logos etc and your home broadband isn't BT, then a manual software update also in Settings (Software Info, at the bottom) or just leaving the box overnight should clear that.
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    To get live TV, she needs a working TV aerial plugged into the box, and, depending on how far she has moved, to retune the TV channels on the YouView box, as she may have moved into the area of a different transmitter, which uses different physical channels (21-68, as in the old days) to give the 1 - 800 you now get.

    Has she got an aerial plugged in? Has she retuned?

    If she brought a TV with her, does that get the Freeview channels?

    As regards BT, although she does not subscribe, is her broadband from BT? What you describe happens when no Freeview channels are tuned in, and your broadband is from BT, as the EPG will have only the BT channels (even though you can’t get them) and the box will default to the first BT channel, and as you can’t get it, will invite you to subscribe.

    So this tells us that none of the Freeview channels are tuned in any longer - which may be from trying to tune the box without an aerial, or with a non-working one?
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