Voices and audio sound weird

Hi everyone I have t4000 bt youview box and when I’m watching tv channels the audio from the surround and and front left and right speakers sound muffled and underwater I have a 5.2.2 surround sound system which is powered by a marantz sr5010 receiver and when I am watching Netflix it doesn’t sound muffled and underwater so don’t know if this is something to do with the sound format or signal reception but I doubt it is the signal reception as I just had a new arial socket installed so it probably isnt that any help with this problem is appreciated 


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    How is the Marantz connected to the YouView box, directly, or via the TV, or what?  ARC? eARC?

    As a test, disconnect the Marantz, and listen to the sound from the YouView box on the TV alone. Does it still sound underwater?

    Also, are you running the YouView box in stereo, or outputting surround?

    When you say Netflix does not sound underwater, what device are you playing Netflix on, YouView box or TV or what?

    What does it sound like from the YouView box?

    What sound processing have you got going on the Marantz? The YouView box will give 5.1, so you should get OK 5.2.0 but any Atmos must be synthesised. 

    Has the Marantz got a sound processing setting for 5.1?

    As you talk about underwater only from left, right, and surround speakers, are you saying that centre and subs are OK?

    ’Underwater’ is what you get from very low bitrate streams, but I doubt it’s that; it sounds like it may be cancellation effects across the 5.1 (or 2.0!) to 5.2.2 conversion in the Marantz. 

    But I don’t want to prejudge that; sorry to ask so many questions back, but the answer should be revealed by them.
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